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22 October 2019

AntiDumping Pakistan

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22 October 2019

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22 October 2019

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Anti Dumping Pakistan

Welcome to Anti Dumping Pakistan. An Anti Dumping Consulting wing of Salman Farooq Legal and Financial Consultants (SFLF).We are the only Law Firm in Pakistan that provides a much needed combination of legal experts and accountancy specialists in the field of International Trade. The Trade remedy laws in Pakistan include the Anti-Dumping Duties Ordinance 2015, the Countervailing Duties Ordinance 2015 and Safeguard Measures Ordinance 2015. Our team of legal experts are dedicated to the trade remedy laws and its implementation in Pakistan. We have a team of two dedicated lawyers who have worked in the National Tarff Commission of Pakistan

The multinational trading system of the modern world has provided a field for the development and progress of nations. The opportunity presents itself to the states to explore the global market and develop through trade. However, that is not possible without meeting the challenge of developing integrated infrastructure at the national level, which facilitates the trade.

The integrated structure for the facilitation of trade and resultant development also requires sound legal understanding and implementation of the ideals of the WTO through domestic legislations.

We at SFLF have developed ourselves as a resource base and research oriented law firm, with deep-rooted commitment to provide the answers to the need of challenges and opportunities that present themselves through trade.

Anti-dumping Duties Ordinance 2015 was legislated to achieve the results of the international trade and regulate the trade at National level. We have been part of the development of our law firm as institution through all this time and we believe that our clients, may it be the exporters, importers or the domestic industry should get all the help they need that can help them achieve best results, within the four corners of antidumping and other trade remedy laws.







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